This facility has been developed by Peter Schömer of Canada and funded by a consortium of private investors. It will be a "Working Active" Racing Museum displaying  vintage racecars from the 1950 to 1960's period . . .  no wings, no advertising . . . clean and pure racecars. It will include one-off Sportscars / Sports Racers and Formula One type cars. We have currently  found a suitable location in Benenden  Kent, England for this museum and our private MRDC club. The MotorSport Racer Museum will be built as a paddock theme in a mews type of courtyard so that each team garage will have it's own separate complete service and support shop, a sort of "diarama" for each make. eg: Aston Martin / Jaguar / Maserati / Lancia / Ferrari / BRM / Lotus etc. . . .approximately 20 race cars in total. These cars will be ready to "race in anger" at  a moments notice, on a standby situation. This is not a museum with marble floors and sexy lights, but a real museum for REAL racers. We also plan to have a complete restoration facility for the support of the museum and a very complete automotive research library open to all racers and enthusiasts. Our main museum( already built) will display 1920's and 30's Art Deco type custom coach built cars. eg; Auburn / Cord / Packard / Duesenburg / Mercedes / Lagonda / Bentley etc...all the greats. Approximately 35 "Great Gatsby Cars" will be displayed in the Benenden Motor Museum.

Our own private grass landing field the "Applepye Aerodrome" will support the flying museum that will house 4 1930's Sport bi-planes, including a Grumman Goose watercraft.

The Benenden Test circuit will be used for training and race academy for new and seasoned race pilots. The Applepye Aerodrome will also have a school to upgrade pilots and to earn the type certificate available on all the aircraft, in the flying museum. part of tomorrows history....the first ever MotorSport Resort.